What exactly is Heroin?
Definition of Heroin A Strong physiologically addictive narcotic that is cultivated from the Opium poppy plant. It is more potent than morphine and is prohibited for use in the United States. It is used illicitly for its euphoric effects.  
Long term effects of using Heroin * Imbalances of neuronal & hormonal systems * Decision making abilities diminished * Inability to regulate behavior * Low frustration tolerance * Collapsed veins * Arthritis * Menstrual disturbance * Significant dental problems. * Pustules ( severe acne ) * Impotence * Tuberculosis from overall poor condition of the body
Definition of Addiction A chronic, relapsing brain disease with a wide range of serious medical consequences. .
Short term effects of using Heroin    * Rush   * Flushed Skin   * Goose Bumps   * Dry Mouth   * Heavy feeling in extremities        * Drowsiness   * Breathing and heart rate slows, Which can cause overdose/death within 1-3 hours after consumption.
What is in Heroin ? Heroin can be mixed with a variety of different drugs, which changes the street names it is known by. for example:  * Ecstasy    * Marijuana                                          - Chocolate chip cookies      - Woo Woo                                          - Dirty                  - Atom Bomb               * Cold Meds/Tylenol PM          * Fentanyl                                             - Cheese       - Blue Drop
Heroin withdrawal symptoms 4-6 hours after injection * Aches * Chills * Insomnia * Nausea Heroin Withdrawal symptoms 8-12 hours    * Goose bumps   * Tearing * Sweating    * Vomiting * Runny Nose    * Yawning *Withdrawal signs and symptoms may present as one experiencing the common cold or the Flu.*
Heroin withdrawl symptoms 14-24 hours after injection * Dilation of pupils * Goose Bumps * Loss of Appetite * Slight tremors Heroin withdrawal symptoms 24-36 hours  * Depression    * Hot & cold flashes * Diarrhea  * Insomnia              * Vomiting              * Weakness