Deputy Sheriff Charles Johnson First I would like to thank Sheriff John Tharp for developing this unit. Each officer handles our clients differently and I feel that is very important. the Community See’s us differently because the tactics used. We are unique, unified, and dedicated to saving lives. Society, has experienced Law Enforcement in their communities as “typical” Law Enforcement. Lucas County residence may have learned; we are NOT “typical”, we are NOT here to arrest, but to save the lives of the addicted. We attempt to build a bridge between the badge and those who are addicted. Our goal is simple; we are here to save as many lives as possible. The perseverance from officers and the addicted have to work together in order to defeat the abuse of heroin. I don’t claim to understand the addicted nor should you. The family, friends, or even society, I ask to place caution. The Drug Abuse Response Team (D.A.R.T.) never gives up, even when the addicted are not in compliance. D.A.R.T. keeps on going.  
Deputy Sheriff Karl Schwemley.  I am proud to be part of the proactive law enforcement initiative, D.A.R.T., created by Sheriff Tharp, which combats the drug epidemic that has hit the Toledo metro area like we have never seen before. The addiction to heroin, other drugs as well as alcohol impacts all ages, race, gender identity and income levels. The pain, suffering and financial loss it's causing these individuals, as well as their families and friends, is something that is having a devastating effect on many people. I am excited to reach out into our community to help really make a difference.  
Deputy Sheriff Joe Navarre.  D.A.R.T. to me represents an innovative approach to Law Enforcement. D.A.R.T. gives me the ability to be a Parole Officer, Probation Officer, Detective, Social Worker, Life Coach, and Mentor all in one. No other Law Enforcement position gets closer to addicts, families of addicts, and to the people of the community. Helping an addict who has been committing crimes to stop this behavior prevents future victims all across our community.  
Police Officer Michael Worden. What does D.A.R.T. mean to me? D.A.R.T. to me is an organization that is a huge necessity to the community that we work in. D.A.R.T. is a crutch to be able to help individuals in achieving their sobriety. D.A.R.T. has the mindset that we can not arrest our way out of this heroin epidemic that has plagued our communities. We must continue to do more as a whole.  
What Does D.A.R.T. Mean To you?
Forensic Counselor, Tamme Smith, M.A., L.S.W. My desire to help others was shaped from my life experiences and upbringing. I watched my own family deal with the effects of addiction which ultimately ended the life of the first man I loved, my Father. By not talking about addiction as a family or community, we are only helping the person kill themselves slowly. I want people to wake up and speak up. Educate yourself and Educate your loved ones. Happiness and Recovery are possible. D.A.R.T. is a chance for CHANGE… and CHANGE equals growth. Growth for our community, Growth for our loved ones, or maybe even personal growth. D.A.R.T. is a tool the community can use to fight the battle of addiction as well as fight the cause of possible addiction, the dealers.
 Police Officer Lieutenant Teresa Johnson  I joined the D.A.R.T. unit of the Lucas County Sheriff’s Office in September of 2015. I joined with the University of Toledo mission statement in mind, “The mission of the University of Toledo is to improve the human condition”. With this said, I will work diligently alongside my fellow D.A.R.T. members and Lucas County Sheriff John Tharp to combat the growing heroin epidemic.  
Deputy Sheriff Dennis Whaley I am very passionate about D.A.R.T. because I feel the need to help others and see them turn their lives around. Watching a people reconnect with their families is very rewarding.  
Deputy Sheriff Katelyn Ybarra I am passionate about D.A.R.T. because it gives me the opportunity to make a positive difference in my community. I have always been a very huge supporter of Community Policing and to be able to perform this job right out of the Police Academy is truly a blessing.  
Deputy Sheriff Lieutenant Robert Chromik In order to meet the ever changing needs of our community, Law Enforcement agencies must alter their perspective and course of action in the criminal justice system. The Lucas County Sheriff’s Office has taken on the task without compromising the safety of our community. The Drug Abuse Response Team serves and protects the public interest by providing confidential assistance to those who are afflicted with the disease of opioid addiction, or subjects who are identified as victims of human trafficking. Our goal is more than just recovery and treatment. We strive to create a positive impact in lessening our jail population, and decreasing crime rates. Education, intervention, and investigation are paramount resources in saving lives and families in our community.  
Deputy Sheriff Jeremy Pierson..  When asked what makes me really passionate about the Drug Abuse Response Team? My response was pretty easy and very simple. I really like being able to help people get started down the right path to their recovery. It is nice and extremely rewarding to be able to impact peoples lives in such a positive and uplifting manner.
Police Officer Charlie Free To me, D.A.R.T. represents a unit of unique officers who take the serving part of “ to serve and protect” to a whole new level.
Toledo Police Officer Lisa Long I have been a street cop for thirty plus years and becoming a detective was never on my radar. When the Heroin epidemic hit this community, I saw first hand its effect, not only on the addicts, but on their families as well. This experience has changed my perspective on addiction. The Drug Abuse Response Team has had a positive impact on this community and I wish to thank Lucas County Sheriff John Tharp for allowing me to be a part of this team.