Responding to the public health and safety crisis, Lucas County Sheriff John Tharp, launched the Addiction Resource Unit in July of 2014. This unit was the first of it’s kind in our nation. Today, our D.A.R.T. Unit reaches far beyond their traditional roles as first responders, directly engaging victims and their families with linkage to treatment.
In its first year, D.A.R.T. helped hundreds of addicts step out of the revolving door of incarceration, saving tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars. D.A.R.T. steered dozens of addicts into in-patient and out-patient treatment. These treatment programs helped them to become productive and contributing citizens. Most importantly, D.A.R.T. saved lives by helping people overcome the disease of addiction. 
Officers meet with overdose victims and their families, sometimes in hospital emergency rooms. D.A.R.T. officers build relationships of trust and steer addicts into effective local treatment programs. Having witnessed the results of all the hard work and dedication of D.A.R.T. , Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine designated the unit a statewide model and pilot program.
About D.A.R.T.